How can I treat gestational hypertension?

Follow a diet. The first thing to do for gestational diabetes is follow the dietary advice given to you by your doctor. You will be monitored for how your body responds to the diet. If your blood sugars remain high, an oral diabetic agent or Insulin may be required to keep your blood sugar as normal as possible.
Close Follow Up. Gestational hypertension is really diagnosed after you deliver and did not develop preeclampsia. So, you need to monitor your pressure at home and see your doctor who may order blood tests on you and monitoring of the fetus. Do not try and 'treat" this on your own. Blood pressure medications may decrease the numbers, but they will not prevent preeclampsia.

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What is gestational hypertension?

BP up d/t preg. In a person who develops elevated blood pressure during pregnancy or just after pregnancy the term gestational hypertension would apply. This is different than chronic hypertension which is BP elevation that was present before the pregnancy. Gestational hypertension also includes diseases such as pre-eclampsia or toxemia.

Can gestational hypertension be cured?

Hypertension. Gestational hypertension occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy. It is a blood pressure of 140/90 without any protein in the urine or any biochemical abnormalities seen with pre-eclampsia. The cure for gestational hypertension is delivery of the infant. Medical intervention is not always necessary and will depend upon the gestational age of the fetus.
Cure gestation HTN? Yes. Delivery always cures it if is gestational HTN. If it does not go away it is not gestational HTN.

What are the tests for gestational hypertension?

Serial BP's. The primary testing is measuring blod pressures multiple times at different times of the day and on multiple days. No one BP reading can establish the diagnosis. And, of course, the measurements met be abnormal during a pregnancy or shortly after delivery.
Tests 4 HTN Preg. 50 asks what are tests for gestational HTN? 1. Measure BP carefully and correctly regularly as pregnancy. The only way to dx it is to measure the BP correctly. 2. To see if it is damaging you kidneys your team will check your urine protein. Very simple. So just get into a regular care system and follow the guidelines.

Is gestational hypertension dangerous to the baby?

Needs surveillance. When a woman has high blood pressure in pregnancy, it may cause less blood to flow to the placenta. The fetus receives less of the oxygen and nutrients it needs. This can cause the growth of the fetus to slow down. You may need periodic BP check to make sure you dont have any complications and the baby is growing appropriately.

What does gestational hypertension make you feel like?

Gestational HBP. In most cases women with gestational hypertension do not have any symptoms and are usually not aware of it. If aware a woman would complain of headaches. The diagnosis is usually made on routine follow up with an obstetrician.
Usually no symptoms. Hypertension does not usually cause symptoms unless extremely high. Treatment options are limited in pregnancy. Patients with this condition should be monitored closely since it may develop/progress into more serious conditions.

What are the most common symptoms of gestational hypertension?

Almost none. Rarely mild headaches and pop up noises in your ear. Mostly you dont feel a thing, thats why is really important to keep your appt with your ob/gyn and have your blood pressure checked every appointment.
Sx of Gest HTN. Usually there are none and it sneaks up on you. The only way to pick it up is to have your BP measured regularly by your team. Like non-preg HTN it is silent until advanced. So you want to have it picked up early with BP and urine protein testing. This type of HTN is a major cause of material and fetal morbidity and mortality (death). Keep a close eye on it. May your pressure be low!

Are some people more prone to getting gestational hypertension?

Gest. Hypertension. Since people who have gestational hypertension are more likely to get essential hypertension, then any person who is destined to get hypertension are at risk. A hx of this problem in a prior pregnancy, your first pregnancy, teen pregnancy and older age pregnancy, twins, obesity, and women with diabetes are your largest risk factors for this problem.

What is the definition or description of: Gestational hypertension?

High BP at 20 wks. BP at 140/90 at 20 wks pregnancy with no other signs of kidney involvement. Benign condition if nothing else happens, but can worsen to serious condition of pre-eclampsia in many cases. Needs to be monitored carefully and frequently!

What are the factors that make it more likely to get gestational hypertension?

Hypertension. First pregnancies, excessive weight gain, history of chronic kidney disease, chronic hypertension, auto-immune disorders, multiple pregnancies, diabetes are just some of the risk factors for the condition. If you have any of the above, it is important to be under close supervision of your obstetrician/perinatologist.
Several. Your risk for gestational diabetes is greater as you age. Your risk is greater if you have had gestational diabetes in a prior pregnancy, if you have a first degree relative with diabetes, if you have had a baby over 9 pounds, if you are obese, if you have had a stillbirth, or if you are black or Asian or an american indian.