Do lots of people get gestational diabetes, or is it unusual?

Pregnancy diabetes. Abnormal maternal glucose regulation occurs in 3-10% of pregnancies. In 2-4% of pregnancies it is severe enough to be considered diabetes. Only 1.5-2% of white women develop gestational diabetes mellitus, whereas native americans from the southwestern United States may have rates as high as 15%. In hispanic, black, and asian populations, the incidence is 5-8%. This is pretty common.
Gestational diabetes. About 5 - 10 % of women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Women who have a strong family history of diabetes type ii are at particular risk. Other factors that increase the risk are age, obesity, and a twin pregnancy.

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What to do if I do not urinate a lot, I don't get thirsty and I don't have numbness in hands or feet. Could I have gestational diabetes this early?

Gestational DM. Not sure what you mean this early... You have NOT mentioned how many weeks pregnant. Nevertheless get oral glucose testing by obstetrician or primary care provider. . Read more...