Is pallister killian syndrome curable?

Unfortunately, no. Pallister-killian syndrome is a rare condition where some cells in the body have an unusual, extra chromosome (mosiac isochromosome 12p). This abnormal chromosome, present before birth, affects the growth and development of the whole body throughout one's lifetime, usually resulting in birth defects and mental retardation. See http://ghr.Nlm.Nih.Gov/condition/pallister-killian-mosaic-syndrome.
No. Pallister killien is a random defect of the 12th chromosome. It has muliple far reaching effects. It is evidenced by hypotonia, developmental delay, itellectual impairment, coarse features, sparse hair. It is not hereditary. Once a person has it one can only cope with the defect to try to ameliorate the symptoms, ie hearing defects with a hearing aid, etc.