Is bipap is effective for ild patients?

ILD. Not necessarily. Bipap is only beneficial if your oxygen saturation is dropping below 90% or if you have high carbon dioxide level in the blood which are signs of respiratory failure. Most of the time ild can cause low oxygen than high co2 but low oxygen can be brought up by regular nasal cannula oxygen. For high co2, bipap or CPAP is the only way. Talk to ur doc.
Depends on severity. Ild is progressive fibrosis of the lungs. When pts start having respiratory failure with low oxygen levels and higher carbon dioxide levels this may help. This will not change the progression of the disease or improve survival. This would be just to offer comfort. Medicare has strict policy also to see who qualifies as well. Follow up with primary lung doc.
Bipap would help . And ease up the breathing difficulty associated with ild.However, it won't reverse the condition. Get some useful tips from the links below. Try to stay active physically ; mentally.God bless you! http://www.Mayoclinic.Com/health/interstitial-lung-disease/ds00592 http://www.Cpapmasktips.Com/bipap-reviews/ http://www.Livestrong.Com/article/500126-vitamins-herbs-for-interstitial-lung-disease/#page=1.