Is it safe to get HPV vaccine while breastfeeding?

Yes. According to the cdc (center of disease control) breast feeding women may get the hpv vaccine.
Hpv vaccine. It may be a non issue in your case as it not recommended for women over 26yearsof age. You would also face an issue with your insurance company for approval.
Yes. To reaffirm, current recommendations by experts believe it is safe.

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Son 16yo. In Oct. He is 9 yrs. Seizure free. Off Depakote 7 yrs now. No seizure activity outgrew seizures. Want him to get HPV vaccine, is it safe?

I would. give it to my own kid with this history. The shot does hurt more than some, but the benefits to him and a potential spouse over his lifetime make it a good investment. I don't consider the distant seizure history a reason not to. Read more...

What percent of girls in europe get HPV vaccine?

Answer by company. A better question to ask primary care docs.Also may get a rough estimate from the manufacturer. Read more...
CERVARIX in Europe. The hpv vaccine used in europe is gsk's Cervarix (not gardisil). The prevalence of vaccination varies by country in europe but the uk is very high. In the uk, from september 2008 to july 2010, at least 4 million doses of Cervarix were given. Cervarix protects against hpv 16/18 and studies showed a higher antibody response compared to gardisil. Read more...