Watery stools very sweaty and clammy when is sleeping and doctor was called what should I do because I'm not really getting any answers?

GET SEEN. Other causes of fever/sweats and diarrhea include some parasitic infections (e.g. Giardia) or colitis. Colitis causes inflammation of the bowel usually causing blood in the stool. Another possible cause of sweats is cancer (e.g. Lymphoma) so the best advice is: to get seen.
GET SEEN=Infection. Fever and sweats are 'signs of infection' so you may have an 'infectious diarrhea'. The next step is to get seen by a physician so stool tests can be sent to lab for culture. I had a patient recently who contracted campylobacter (bacteria) from 'mishandling cooking chicken' @ home. Most chicken is contaminated with salmonella or other bacteria so food prep is very important. Hope you are better!