My pcp started with crestor (rosuvastatin) 5 mg 7 weeks earlier. In follow up test the results were 162, LDL 82, HDL 37, triglyceride 187. Is continuing crstr recomm?

Yes. Seems like its doing a good job for you. How old are you? Do you smoke? Are you a diabetic? Do you have hypertension? Any family history of premature heart disease? Male or female? Have you had a heart attack or a stroke already? Hope to make you realize the decision making process takes more than just your numbers.
Good, but. Total level is good, but the HDL level is not ideal. Hdl should greater than 40 for males and 50 for females... Not knowing your before-treatment level, it is difficult to say how effective treatment is, but the level seems quite good... More fish/veggies, and aerobic exercises will help increase HDL level...
MAybe. Again, the goal cholesterol for any one person is not cookie cutter and is individualized based on your history and risk factors. If you have no risk factors, this is a pretty good lipid panel. If you are diabetic and have heart disease, you need more Crestor (rosuvastatin) and should not think about stopping a statin. Discuss this with your doctor, who knows you better than us!