I think my hemorrhoids keep coming out when I use the bathroom, how can I keep this from happening?

See a doctor. First to be sure what you are feeling is a hemorrhoid condition. Then ask the doctor if you need a referral to see a surgeon for hemorrhoid treatment.
When to get checked. Could be a minor problem with a thrombosed external hemorrhoid or something more concerning like prolapse. Okay to get checked by your doc or a surgeon for exam of the area under anesthesia.
Avoid intra-abd P. Piles, or hemorrhoids, are acquired from increased intra-abdominal pressure. Internal v. External are the types. The latter "hurt, " while the former may simply ache due to their origin below or above the dentate line. Bleeding & spasm also occur.Tx: high fiber diet, stool softeners, and focal tx w/ anusol 2.5% cream bid for 7-10 days. If sxs persist, seek md asst. And, no straining during bms.