Is it more safe to take. 25 mg klonopin or 150mg Zoloft (sertraline) during pregnancy? Have been on klonopin for 10 yrs & dr wants to switch to zoloft (sertraline)?

Meds & Pregnancy. The fda rates Klonopin as a category d for safety in pregnancy; zoloft (sertraline) is a category c. Klonopin has been associated with some fetal malformations, but this is not consistent. It may be more problematic to take both of these drugs together than it is to take either one alone.
Clonazepam. That is a very low dose of klonopin, and while both are generally well tolerated without adverse effects to a fetus, the dose of zoloft (sertraline) is higher. You may also want to consider increasing exercise, as that is helpful for both anxiety and depression. Also of note there can be as many complications for the fetus of untreated depression and anxiety. Discuss with your psychiatrist.