Is blood in the urine typical of ic?

Not necessarily. Patient with interstitial cystitis may have hematuria; however, other sources of hematuria must be ruled out including malignancy, infection, and urinary tract stones.
IC. Although it could be, it's not a consistent enough symptom to shrug off. Would suggest you see a urologist for hematuria evaluation if you've not already done so.

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Blood in urine?

Various things . This needs attention could be kidney stones or problems along your urinary tract from kidney to bladder to even testicles. I suggest seeing your doctor for repeat urinalysis imaging and work up. Read more...
Get evaluated. You should definitely seek a medical opinion if you have seen blood in your urine. This could indicate infection , stone, or tumor in the renal system ( kidney, ureter, and bladder.) please, , contact your doctor and express your concerns. Read more...