May have knocked blood blister on man and little bleeding cuts on hands what's the chances I will get hep c or hiv?

Not likely. It is unlikely to get hepatitis c or HIV from brief exposure to blood. Of course it is impossible to get hep c or HIV from a man that does not have the virus in the first place. Hopefully you know this man and can ask him if he has hepatitis or not. Hepatitis b is much more contagious, and there is a vaccine for this, so see your doctor and make sure you are immunized!

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Used bar of soap in public toilet I had bleeding knuckle if someone before me got blood on soap could HIV or hep c be transmitted?

No. The ph change and the drying will kill the bugs. Again, this is one of a group of fantasy HIV / hepatitis c transmission questions that have been submitted recently. If you have an obsessive, unrealistic concern that you will contract one of these viral infections during normal activities of daily life, you need to be rid of it. A good therapist can probably cure you with insight & help otherwise. Read more...