I have pain near on my hips and back of it is that possible I have cervical cancer or kidney failure?

Back pain. The only way to answer your question is to go to your doctor, describe in detail the pain you are having - what brings it on, what makes it better, exact location, does it start one place and go another, how much does it bother you, is it sharp/dull/throbbing. Ask to be thoroughly examined head to toe. Then, let your doctor decide what the problem might be and go from there.
Not likely. These symptoms are common and not specific to any one disease. Please get checked out by a doctor in person to see what the problem is.

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I have had kidney failure due to cervical cancer the cancer is gone but my kidney is holding fluid what do I do?

Nephrologist. You should be under the care of a nephrologist experienced in chemotherapy induced renal dysfunction. Read more...
Cervical cancer. The description you gave describes at least stage iiib cervix cancer if your kidney was blocked at diagnosis. You need to be evaluated by your gyn oncologist to determine if there is recurrence versus radiation damage causing the blockage. The treatments are very different. Read more...