Is there a age limit no breast reductions, e.G too young?

Teen satisfaction! Years ago, plastic surgeons told their patients to delay the surgery until child bearing was complete. Today, refinements in technique and good outcomes have expanded the range of patients who can benefit from young teenagers to much older women. The procedure is safe and has a high patient satisfaction rate. It is wise to research the scars and risks of numbness and breast feeding problems.
After development. As a rule, we like to wait until a girl's breasts have completely developed before considering breast reduction so that the procedure lasts. For most girls this is about 18 Y.O., and most insurance companies have this as an age limit. Exceptions are occansionally made for "virginal hypertrophy" when the breasts become very large at a young age.
No. There is no steadfast age restriction on breast reduction surgery. However, reduction is usually deferred until after breast development is complete. There are many social and cultural considerations to take into account when considering breast reduction surgery.