I am 32 n having horrible pain in my lower stomach I had a hysterectomy n 3 c sections I can't have sex cuz it hurts so bad I had andometresious help?

See Your Ob/Gyn. It sounds like you need a thorough physical evaluation & discussion with your ob/gyn. This could be a long road but it starts with a complete assessment first.
Abdominal pain. "horrible" pain in the abdomen (anywhere) should be evaluated by an md. In the lower abdomen, possible causes in a 32 year old are pelvic infections (stds), ovarian torsion, colitis, diverticulitis, severe constipation, endometriosis, or adhesions from prior surgery. There is no simple way to sort this out. A tip: if you have been on chronic narcotic pain medications severe constipation is common.