Have friend with soriasis on her leg. Gets bigger/more inflamed with stress. What can she do for it? She is in the 40/50 yr range.

Laser,ultraviolet. Steroid creams are temporarily suppressive and will stop working after prolonged use-tachyphylaxis. Sunlight, topical tar, and as icy pic a i'd can be useful in treating psoriasis. The excimer laser offers localized treatment to involved areas only.
Sunlight. Studies have shown that sunlight can be helpful in addition to steroid creams in these patients.
Psorriasis. Psorriasis is a very common and persistent skin disorder. It does tend to wax and wane over time, and tends to flare with stress. For most patients it can be kept under control with high-potency (not the otc kind) topical steroid creams or ointments. Your friend will need a prescription for this, so she should see a doctor. An urgent care center would be fine.