If I am tested for herpes, and the culture is positive and the blood test is negative. And my STD test is reactive for syphilis what should I believe?

See your DR. First infection with herpes or syphilis does not show pos blood test until about 2 weeks. Culture pos for herpes with neg blood test means you should be on full dose of valacyclovir or Acyclovir for at least a week. Repeat blood test for syphilis in about 1 month.
See below. You have caught both herpes and syphilis. The culture is definitive and herpes is typically not in blood.
The negative blood . Test for herpes may be false negative or there's a delay in turning into a positive result. Even if u have no symptoms, i'd still recommend treatment for both herpes and syphilis. Discuss these issues with your gyn or infectious disease specialist. Take care!

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Is a swab test that includes putting the swab in the pee and not penis tip enough for STD testing? And is a blood test enough?

Mostly. The urine test, if done on the first time you urinate when you wake up is as accurate as a swab in the penis for detecting gonorrhea and chlamydia. A blood test can detect HIV and syphilis provided there has been enough time since being exposed. Some sexually transmitted disease, such as herpes, are not so accurately tested with a simple blood test and need to have cultures or repeat blood tests. Read more...