How can I deal with moderate tinitus?

Dealing w/ tinnitus. How you deal with tinnitus depends on your hearing level. If you have significant hearing loss and a hearing aid is indicated, you will find that the tinnitus becomes less noticeable. I also encourage patients to reduce stress by exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep. If tinnitus disrupts sleep, talk to your ENT about coping strategies.
Tinnitus. There really is no specific treatment for tinnitus. Tinnitus is usually due to spontaneous degeneration of some of the fibers of the 8th cranial nerve or sometimes to awareness of a normal pulse. It causes no harm except for the annoying noise. The standard treatment is with a "masking" device--something that makes "white noise" to distract you like they use in counselor's offices.
Accept it. The goal of all tinnitus treatment is to make the sound "neutral." your brain focuses on things it thinks are important and if you can accept the sound as unimportant your brain will not pay attention to it. By not paying attention to it you "won't hear it". I tell my patients to treat the tinnitus as a house guest. Not a guest who annoys you, just someone spending some time with you.