What is your experience using cyclosporine for bad, chronic hives?

Psoriasis. It is used for psoriasis, not hives. For hives the cause should be identified. If otc antihistamines do. Ot work, then oral antihistamines, tagamet, (cimetidine) or a combination can be used to suppress hives. For resistant cases, Colchicine or oral steroids are used on occasion.
Cyclosporine & hives. Cyclosporine is being studied as possible tx for chronic hives. "this immune system suppressant can help with symptoms, but can cause serious side effects & must be monitored carefully. The fda warns that taking Cyclosporine (gengraf, neoral, (cyclosporine) others) puts you at greater risk of opportunistic infections, such as the activation of a previous infection." —> see comment for source.

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