I am from the southern part of india. Can I trust the answers for questions I asked relating to ocd, pregnancy, and obesity that I got from healthtap?

Compare Answers. Many healthtap docs are experts in their fields. But even experts don't always agree with one another. We may approach questions from very different perspectives. One of the strengths of healthtap is that you can see what different docs have to say. And you can get a feel for whether any individual doc's perspective feels like a good match for you. "there are many ways out of a forrest.".
Usually, yes. We on healthtap try to answer your questions as best we can. However, because we have not personally seen you or evaluated your complaints, we can't diagnose your condition or prescribe treatments. We do provide reliable, informational responses though. Please understand that multiple answers may contain parts of the truth. You can weigh what's said, along with your own doctor's words as well.
I hope so! All the doctors who participate on healthtap are highly qualified and fully licensed. When i see answers others doctors give i usually agree. However, not everything in medicine is black and white (though many things are) and sometimes doctors disagree. If i see another doctor's answer that i don't agree with i will offer a different answer. But in general the answers are very trustworthy!
Human Touch . Healthtap answers are certainly informative. Many of the doctor authored answers are based on assumptive correctness of the question. The answers can be deemed valid if the premise (i.e. The question) is true, logically achieved by face-to-face interaction and the human touch.