I have headaches. Nausea. Stiff neck. Chills. Forgetful. Sore back. Light hurts my eyes. Pain in my jaw at top near ear.

Go to ER. Go to the emergency room. Now. These can be symptoms of meningitis, a life threatening and contagious condition. There are other conditions that are less common for a 27 year old. Infections like cat scratch fever and some other serious infections and inflammatory conditions can also cause these symptoms.
Get exam ASAP. You could have a serious medical problem with these symptoms, especially if they are of recent onset and worsening, so i would recommend getting seen or call your regular doctor asap. If you don't have a regular doctor, go to an urgent care center or er.

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High temperature, sore throat, stiff neck, sweats headache behind eyes and back of head. It throbs when I stand up from bed but subsides. Hurts when cough.

Sounds a lot. like INFLUENZA (FLU!!!!) Drink lots of fluids, takes Aspirin or Acetominophen for the fever and REST! If symptoms continue or worsen...Call your Primary Care Provider (PCP) for advice and possibly a hands on examination! Good Luck BE WELL! Dr Z. Read more...
Viral illness? Agree with Dr Z's diagnosis. Read this short article: https://www.kaushikmd.com/boost-your-immunity-to-beat-cough-cold-this-season/ Read more...