Good morning doctors! Thank you for taking time out of your day to answer questions. Can Flagyl be used for u.T.I infections? Thank you.

Usually not. Flagyl would cover many bacteria found in vaginal infections and other conditions but not necessarily be a good choice for uti. After culture results are known, it may be found to be effective against the infecting organism, but it doesn't work well for several common bacteria which cause uti. It is not a common first-line agent.
Not typically. Flagyl is typically used for treating STDs and gastrointestinal infections. It's not typically effective for utis.
No, depends. Uti generally refers to "urinary tract" (bladder or kidney) infections. Flagyl is a good treatment for non std vaginal infections., but does not concentrate in the urine or kill common urinary bacteria. Sometimes because of anatomical proximity the two kinds of infections can me confused, but they are very different.