I'm beginning to get a small pop out near my navel. I'm guessing its a hernia, sometimes it is uncomfortable but most times not. What should I do?

Hernia. This is most likely a hernia which is a ballooning of a defect in the abdominal wall.. These sometimes can have bowel come in and out of it. There is a danger of bowel strangulating in the pouch and if this happens it is dangerous. Please see your doctor.
See a Hernia Surgeon. What you are describing sounds like an umbilical hernia; this can be confirmed by a simple physical exam and easily repaired via outpatient surgery. The decision regarding hernia repair is based on risks v.Benefits: the benefit of repair is pain-relief and prevention of bowel getting "stuck" in the hernia (which is a surgical emergency); the risk of surgery depends on your age and overall health.
Get checked. Your doctor will be able to tell you.