Can HIV be cured?

Almost. Today's medical regimen has vastly improved lives of patients with aids to the point where they can lead normal lives - a good example is magic johnson. It is not a cure but the HIV can be managed. We are still working on a vaccine.

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Can HIV be cured if it's treated quickly?

No, unfortunately. Once HIV is detected, it has gotten into cells in the body and we do not currently know how to completely eliminate (cure) this infection. It does look like early antiretroviral therapy may provide benefit in terms of stabilizing the immune system. See a doctor as soon as possible if you have any suspicion that you could have gotten hiv.

Can HIV be cured because I think so because I found out that hepatitis b which is a viral STD can be cured which HIV is also viral.?

Not yet. Hepatitis b can sometimes be cured with combination antiviral treatment given over 6 to 12 months. Hiv/aids can be controlled for decades with combination antiviral treatment but cannot yet be cured.
No cure for HIV. Most viruses are cured by the immune system, and a few can be cured with drugs. Hepatitis B is one of these; in most people the immune system clears it up and drug treatment often is effective as well. Unfortunately, HIV is not such a virus. It can be suppressed with treatment, and most people now can expect to live nearly normal lives. There is hope for a cure someday, but not yet.

After how many months you will have symptoms of hiv? And what are the symptons? Hiv can be cured?

HIV. Many people never have symptoms of acute HIV infection which most often presents similar to mononucleosis and may last 4-6 wks on average. Subsequent symptoms may occur years later and are due to the infections and tumors due to immunosuppression by hiv. It cannot yet be cured, but is quite manageable with medications. If you have been exposed please go and be tested, earlier the better.
HIV infection. Most people do not feel their HIV infection. There are some who do get a viral illness like the worst flu of their lives when they get infected, but these symptoms do not last long. Hiv can be managed, but not cured.

Can garlic can cure hiv?

Garlic is no cure... Garlic tastes good, but sadly, it cannot cure hiv.
No cure, meds can help. There are currently no cures for HIV, however treatment may lower a person's viral count to virtually undetectable but the infection remains. Medications help keep viral replication at a minimum and some drugs are used to treat co-occurring illnesses and conditions. Healthy lifestyles based on exercise and diet are also beneficial as is screening for other chronic, treatable disease.