I have chronic tonsilitis. Sore throats. I have been told by 4 doctors that I need my tonsils out how long can I be putting this off?

Chronic Tonsillitis. If you have experienced more than four episodes of acute tonsillitis within the last six months or six or more episodes within the past year, you should see an ent. Also, a chronic sore throat needs to be evaluated. Tonsillectomy is an outpatient procedure in the vast majority of health patents. If you get medical treatment with each episode, the question is just one of patience.
Treatment depends. Chronic tonsilitis can be treated by antibiotics or removal of the tonsils. Once you have more than 5-6 infections/yr or 3 infections a year for 3 years in a row do we consider removal the tonsils. If you do not decide to remove them, you will need treatment for each infection. It really depends on how many and how bad these infections are to determine whether the surgery is recommended.

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