I have an addiction to sugar. I have no control. Sneaking hiding. Eating sugar by spoonfulls. Candy bars 3 at a time. Fast so not caught. Help. :- (?

Metformin. Your problem is physiological, not psychological. Carbohydrate cravings accompany Insulin resistance. When your 60 trillion cells are screaming for brownies, it's impossible to resist. Solution is to restore Insulin receptor sensitivity. Metformin will do this, in a dose of 1, 000-2, 000 mg per day. My patients on metformin invariably feel better, have more energy, and lose their carb cravings.
Sugar Addiction. Try to limit your sugar cravings by getting your sweet desier from natural sugars. Make shakes with protein, blueberries, strawberries and fruits you enjoy. Also increase your intake of proteins, this will reduce your sugar cravings especially if you exercise daily. Don't have sugary foods in your apartment of home, you can change your habit if you follow through, ask for support from friends.
Have a therapist? If so, talk about the extent of the problem. If not, think about finding one w/ experience in eating disorders/addictions. Until then, go to a 12-step program (i.e., aa meeting). They often welcome sugar addicts and have the best reputation for addiction success. Most towns have more than one, so a finding a good fit should not be a problem. Good for you that you see the problem. 1st step done!