My sister was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer at 42. No family history and she isbrca negative. Should I be on hormone free birth control?

It is the safest. There is no present scientific information to make a definitive conclusion. Sometimes it's difficult for us to agile a simple yes or no answer. However, I think that it would be the safest for you to avoid excessive estrogen in any medication you might take.
If possible. I'm sorry to hear about your sister. Unfortunately, there is conflicting data regarding long-term risk of breast cancer associated with bcp use; however, one study in particular found the risk higher in women with strong family histories and bcp use. Therefore, if at all possible, I would suggest an alternative.
Discuss with Gyn. Taking unopposed estrogen does increase your risk of developing breast cancer.

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What birth control pill isn't recommended for people with a family history of breast cancer? Are any safe?

None. Family history of breast cancer is not a contraindication to birth control pills.
Varies. Depends who in your family had breast cancer. So make sure to get a detailed list of family members their relation to you and age at which they were diagnosed. Bring this info to your primary care provider to discuss. In the meantime, use condoms, they will also help to protect you from various infections.

Are birth control pills for catamenial epilepsy contraindicated in case of family history of breast cancer and smoking? I am 41, have catamenial epilepsy, and it's been suggested that birth control pills could help. I tolerate aed's poorly, the side effec

Birth. Birth control pills are higher risk for women with family history of breast cancer and smoking, as well as age 41. Another option to ask your doctor about would be the Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud, which stops menstruation typically for most women.
No. Birth control pills aren't contraindicate due to your family history of breast cancer. If you are still smoking, they may be contraindicated depending on your age. Be sure to ask your doctor about this. There is a higher risk of blood clots and stroke while on birth control pills. Be sure you understand the risks. It sounds like you might really benefit from them!

Do hormones from the birth control increase a woman's risk of developng breast cancer?

Possibly. Studies have shown that the use of birth control pills may be associated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer. This association appears to go away 10 years after discontinuing bcps.
Possibly. The birth control pills that have unopposed estrogen have been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Although this remains controversial.

Is there a connection between hormonal birth control and breast cancer?

Yes. Women who use birth control pills (bcps) are at a slightly higher risk of developing breast cancer yet this risk seems to disappear if you stop the medication more than 10 years previously and have not developed cancer during that decade. In contrast, bcps may lower the risk of developing ovarian cancer. Like all medications, there are risks v. Benefits that should be discussed with your doctor.
Perhaps. It would depend on the type of birth control. There may be an increased risk in those with unopposed estrogen. (no progesterone).

Is it safe for me having a family history of breast cancer to use hormonal contraceptive, if no what's the best way to be safe and don't case problems?

Good question! If you have a very strong history of breast cancer and/or have been found to be positive for the "breast cancer gene, " you may choose to use non-hormonal contraception - like the Paraguard IUD, for example. There are also very low dose progesterone-only pills that may be reasonable choices also. It's all a matter of risk vs. Benefits. Talk to your doctor. LGromkoMD.

Thinking of getting on birth control, but read it might increase the risk of cancer. History of breast cancer in family, what should I do, what's safe?

Risks worth it. The oral contraceptive pill greatly decreases your risk for ovarian cancer, and it is not a risk factor for breast cancer (it may perhaps protect). There are non-cancer risks but your physician can help you weigh these depending on your other life factors. I trust you are not a smoker.
Benefits of B C. Pills out weight the risks you are thinking off. Yes any hormonal manipulation on body including contraceptives, possible to have slight increased risk, speak to your doctor. Go for regular great examinations.

What is coming out of my nipples? Only when I squeeze I get a semi-thick white substance. I can see it under the skin before I squeeze it. Breast cancer does run in my family. I am 19 years old. No babies, no piercings, no birth control.

The. The previous two doctors provided excellent information. If the material came from the area surrounding the nipple and not from the nipples themselves, it could be a lubricant from the montgomery glands. They are in the dark skin surrounding the nipple (areola). These glands may blend in with the skin or may look like small bumps. If that is the case, try not to squeeze them.
You. You describe leaking a white substance, which is probably breast milk and we call it galactorrhea. Breast milk formation is abnormal if it occurs more than 12 months after pregnancy lactation. You should have this checked to understand the cause. Galactorrhea is caused by an excess of a hormone called prolactin. Excess prolactin can be caused by intense suckling, medications, low thyroid hormone conditions (hypothyroid), excess estrogen (birth control pills), stress, some unusual brain lesions or even non-cancerous pituitary tumors. If the galactorrhea is caused by a specific disease then you need the disease treated. If there is no significant disease and the amount of discharge is minimal then sometimes no treatment is necessary. If the galactorrhea is causing embarrassing wetness or simply bothers you but there is no other serious disorder then medication can stop decrease the prolactin levels and the breast milk. Good luck.
I. I agree with dr. Opshahl that this is probably breast milk. The only way to tell for sure, though, is to see a doctor. So you need to do that. In the meantime, do not squeeze the breasts or try to get the milk to come out. That only makes things worse. Wear tight bras like sports bras. This can also cause your periods to become irregular or stop altogether, so be prepared for that too. This is not something that should be ignored, so talk to your doctor soon!
See your doc. Cancer would not be the first thing that I think of. You should alert your friendly primary care physician to these symptoms. Most likely physiologic.

I've had a dull achey pain in my breasts and discharge from my nipples on and off for about 2-3 weeks now. I'm 20 years old and I have my nipples pierced. I also have the nexplanon arm implant for my birth control. I have a history of Breast Cancer in my

Discharge not OK. Be concerned about the discharge-not from the nexplanon, probably not from the rings, not from cancer but possibly hormonal Best to see a gyn to check.
Discharge common. Nipple discharge is not uncommon in women and is usually benign, but the two worrisome possible causes are infection and cancer. Infection is more likely in women with pierced nipples. Breast cancer is unlikely in young women, but not unheard of. See your doctor because both need to be treated.
If you are. Experiencing nipple discharge - would recommend medical assessment.