Can I get ssdi on my lower back pain?

Possibly. Talk to your doc. He/she may do an evaluation and/or refer you to a special physical therapist for a functional capacity assessment to determine your true limitations and to facilitate the legal paperwork issues.

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How to get relief from lower back pain?

Acute pain? If you have acute pain, then taking over the counter pain meds and relative rest (avoiding activities that worsens the pain) is enough the majority of times. If your pain has been there for more than a couple of weeks, then visit your doctor for an evaluation.
Multifactorial. Chronic low back pain requires a multifactorial approach. Eliminating stress, incorporating yoga or swimming into your exercise regime, having an osteopathic or chiropractic adjustment, exploring acupuncture are just a few things I would recommend. Of course you should be informed by a specialist as to your diagnosis, usually through having an MRI to eliminate any extreme dangerous condition.

Why do I get lower back pain only on the left side?

Anatomical. The pain generator is on the left side, be it a out of place disc compressing on a nerve, muscle spasm, sacroiliac joint, etc., etc., etc. A more precise answer can be provided after your doctor examines you and obtains further facts about your symptoms.

What is the best way to get help for chronic lower back pain?

Osteopathic Doctor. If conventional examinations haven't found the cause or conventional treatments haven't relieved the pain, consider an evaluation by an osteopathic physician, especially one who specializes in hands-on diagnosis and osteopathic manipulation. They can often find the cause and/or treat it when others can't.

I am 28F. I am getting lower back pain when I bend and get up. Why?

Arthritis. There are many causes of low back pain. The most common cause is usually related to degenerative changes to the discs or joints of the lower spine. It is common for this type of arthritis to be worse in the morning and improve throughout the day. Pain worse with bending is often from a disc, but could also be your joints. If your pain lasts greater than 2 weeks be sure to see your physician.

When I lay a certain way I get lower back pain only on my right side.

Nerve impingement. Is a very common problem, affecting about 10-12% percent of the adult population in the US. Nerve impingement can be caused by being sandwiched between two spinal bones, pressed by a bulging disc or encroached upon by bony overgrowth. It can cause severe vision impairment and muscle spasms. Rec.: see an interventional pain management specialist for further investigation.

Since I was 13 I randomly get severe lower back pain lasting a few mins and then gone. Is this a spasm?

Could be? See MD! There are several explanations for low back pain, but it appears you are still very young & should be thoroughly evaluated by a MD for severe low back pain especially as you are on medications for reflux already. The list of possible diagnoses is long and also includes disc disease, kidney or bladder issues, pelvic or GI causes, sciatica to name a few. Imaging and ultimately PT may be needed also.

When I jog I get an overwhelming lower back pain and doesn't subside until I stop what I'm doing. How do I fix/control this problem?

See Pain Specialists. It sounds like you have something going on in your low back. I recommend making an appt with a pain specialist to work up the problem.
See a doctor. See some one for a diagnosis stop jogging choose another aerobic excercise you can do comfortably swimming is great jogging is not a human requirement billions lead healthy happy lives without it.