Which antipsychotic medicine is the safest during pregnancy?

Psychosis & pregnant. The choice may be between active psychosis vs ability to care for self & baby. So far recent studies have not shown teratogenic risk with high- or medium-potency antipsychotics, but have shown higher risk of congenital malformations after first trimester exposure to low-potency ones. When symptoms require, high to medium potency agents are safer than lower potency ones.
Medication Choices. Unfortunately this question may not get you a specific valid answer. There are too many variables when it comes to choosing a medication for mental health. Safe is relative to a patient's history, what other medications they are on; what allergies they have, etc. Now when you add pregnancy into the mix then things even get more narrow. The doctor will do their best to find the right medication.
Currently it's .. Currently the safest is Latuda (lurasidone) as far as drugs go because it is a category b pregnancy classification while others are category c. Haldol is considered relatively safe during pregnancy as well.
None but Depends.... No antipsychotic medication is indicated in pregnancy however, their use is based on a risk/benefit determination that is different for each patient. Talk to your psychiatrist to discuss your options to enable you make the best decision of course in conjunction with your obstetrician.