Should grandparents take over parenting for children whose biological parents cannot care for them? @drpam

It depends. There are so many factors that may affect the decision. It depends on the health of the grandparents. If it happens, looking to get support from others in the family is very important. The age of the children may also be a factor. This is a long-term commitment. Many times the grandparents can be stressed. Making sure there is adequate financial support is also important.
Yes, if. .. Of course, but there are many variables. My belief is that family does come first. The grandchildren are not responsible for the situation; their biological parents not being able to care for them. But if the grandparents are elderly, poor health-emotional, physical, financial etc. They might not be able to care for them. They do not have a "duty" to assume responsiblity. Most would try their best.