Why do I be diizzy ever time I get up or ever take a step. This all the time. It last for good while?

Many possibilities . If you feel as if you are moving or things around you are moving you have a symptom called vertigo an that is a problem with your inner ear. If you feel lightheaded or as if your going to pass out that may be a problem with blood pressure or dehydration. Sometimes anemia can cause symptoms like this as well. Best to see your doctor for an evaluation and blood work.
Dizziness. Dizziness when getting up may be due to low blood pressure. (do you take any BP meds?) dizziness with movement may be a balance problem or an inner ear problem (labyrinthitis). Since this problem presents an increased risk for falls, see your doc to be evaluated & treated. Be sure to take all your medicines, including supplements, with you so doc can see if any may be cause.