Does HPV or genital warts cause bacterial vaginosis?

No. Bacterial vaginosis (bv) is caused by an imbalance in the normal vaginal flora. The normal bacteria that live in the vagina are taken over by other native bacteria usually gardnerella, mycoplasma, and mobiluncus species to name a few. Causes are numerous and usually are not pinpointed but can include antibiotic use, douching, and vaginal ph changes. Hpv has not been linked to bv.
No. Hpv, which is genital warts, does not cause bacterial vaginosis (bv). Bv is an overgrowth of bacteria normally found in the vagina. In other words, it is supposed to be there. Sometimes, however, it overgrows, and can cause a thin watery discharge with a fishy smell. It is not an std though.

Related Questions

I have hpv (genital warts) that have persisted. I now have a canker sore for the last approx. A week. I have a bacterial throat infection to, related?

Not related. I can't put the three issues together as a related issue. Hpv has the potential of regressing locally and resurfacing later. The other issues arise from different sources.

What's a good way to address genital warts caused by hpv?

See your GYN Dr. Dr. Can treat them appropriately. Not a problem that you can take care of yourself. Good luck.

Can you tell me, are there other causes of genital warts besides hpv?

No. The human papillomavirus (hpv) causes genital warts. There are more than 40 different strains of hpv. Typically spread by sexual contact. The good news is that they are usually treatable (either with medication or surgery)...But may recur...See your doctor.

There are many strains of hpv. Do all strains cause genital warts?

No not all strains. Not all strains of hpv cause genital warts. But it can be prevented by hpv vaccine which is given to boys and girls from 9 to 23 years of age to prevent genital warts.

Will stopping your birth control cause an outbreak of genital warts if you have hpv?

No. Hpv is a virus (human papilloma virus). Viruses tend to appear or disappear based on our immune system and stress. You didn't say what type of birth control you were using, but hormone birth control won't affect genital warts. Using condoms can help prevent contraction of hpv, but not 100% effective. If you're worried about warts, see your doc, they can help you treat them.

Does HPV that causes visible genital warts in men lead to cancer or autoimmune diseases?

HPV. It all depends upon the strain of hpv you get. The unfortunate news is that distinguishing strains is not readily available with testing. But, the bad strains of hpv can cause throat and rectal cancers in men.

Can the version of HPV that causes cervical cancer be contagious or give you genital warts?

Different strains. There are over 120 extreme's of hpv. Types 16 and 18 are the most common that cause cervical cancer. Six and 11 are the most common types that cause genital warts.

If diagnosed with HPV (the strand that causes genital warts) what methods are used to prevent cervical cancer?

Different strain. Wart strains are associated with warts, cancer strains with cancer. You can pick up a cancer strain if exposed, or get the vaccine to protect yourself from it. It won't treat the strain you have but could help prevent you from picking up another. Condoms help some but are not fully protective for hpv.
HPV. The strains of hpv that cause genital warts (6, 11) do not cause cervical cancer.

If lsil is caused by HPV and genital warts why do doctors let it go away on its own and act like its no big deal?

LSIL. Lsil is caused by hpv. But there is no cure for hpv and many times your immune system will clear the virus on its own. Given the likelihood of spontaneous resolution, and the fact that a pathology if lsil is benign, most gynecologists would not intervene.