Have hypogammaglobulinanemia. Furth test-pretty low IgG and iga, but IgM not detected, lt chains norm. Cbc-my creatinine high, calc. Low, rbc's low, RDW low, MCV high, MCH high, mpv low. Back/hip pain?

Too complex here. Your question is too complex to answer in a few sentences with little information you provide. When there is hypogammaglobulinemia, you should see a well trained immunologist. It could be primary immunodeficiency or it could be secondary due to protein loss in urine since you mention you have kidney disease. Protein losing nephropathy can cause igg loss too.
Possibly related but. Possibly related, but the most common cause of problems with immune deficiencies is still the same as in everyone else; just additional possibilities. Full workup by a physician facile with musculoskeletal disease (e.g., rheumatologist) would be first step - to rule out simple entities such as bursitis and fibromyalgia and then to assure no infection present.