What can I try to do for fatigue on my own before I see the doctor? Have sleep apnea but sleep doc doesn't think it's the cause, cortisol & TSH normal

Fatigue. Things to consider: is your sleep apnea treated? If not, try breathe right nasal strips to see if they help. Otherwise the most common cause of fatigue is chronic stress, anxiety, or depression. Try to build some relaxation into your life (meditation, relaxation exercises); avoid caffeine; get enough sleep; improve your diet making sure you get enough vitamins and iron.
Fatigued or sleepy. It is important to determine of you are fatigued or sleepy. Sleepiness is the likelihood you will fall asleep given the opportunity. You can be fatigued but not sleepy. If you need help deciding google the epworth sleepiness scale and answer the questions. A score above 10 means you are sleepy. If you are sleepy you need to treat your sleep apnea no matter how mild.