I was diagnosed with a double ear and sinus infection. I have a 2 month old that has a cold. Is it safe to be around him? I don't want himto get worse.

Contagiousness. Your 2 month old has all the immunity that you do until 6 months. He can get the same viral colds as you, but he is not at risk for the secondary infections that you have (ear infections, sinusitis). As with any cold in a child of this age, you have to be on the look out for developing an ear infection from his cold, but he won't get it from you.
Possible. The cause if an upper respiratory infection(sinus / ear) .. Can be transmitted either from child to patent or vice versa...
Conragion& newborns. Also see previously agreed answer, ut the sinsu infection you have could be transmiotted to the baby f i you have poor handwahsing. Pleasew wash your hands every time you clean your nose and also beofre you touch the baby.