Taking 50mg lamictal. + 20mg Prozac (fluoxetine) +600mg ibuprofen for 1 yr. Bad rash inner thighs past 3wks. Ketaconzole made worse. Now itchy all over. Help!?

Needs exam. The fact that you were prescribed Ketoconazole Cream means the prescriber thought you had a fungus or yeast infection; the fact that it made the rash worse means the prescriber was wrong. It could be a reaction to Lamictal (or ibuprofen), or it could be one of several other conditions. You need to see a dermatogist and get a precise diagnosis.
Stop lamictal. Lamictal can cause a bad rash i'd stop it & see dermatologist--usually the rash from Lamictal comes when u 1st start it but i'd hold it anyway 2 b safe & then see the dermatologist.