Can having seizures be connected with hormone in balance in women?

Unlikely, but possib. Generally no, theoretically, congenital adrenal hyperplasia , which is underdiagnosed in women, could cause sodium abnormalities which could in turn lead to seizures, but this is an unlikely cause.
Possibly. Hormone imbalance (referring mostly to estrogen, Progesterone or testosterone) is not likely to cause seizures by itself, but in a patient with seizures, changes in hormones can influence the risk of seizures. For example, certain phases of the menstrual cycle can be associated with increased or decreased risk for seizures in a patient with epilepsy. See articles by andrew herzog for more info.
Not exactly. A hormone imbalance is unlikely to cause seizures in someone who does not have a seizure disorder. There is an coorelation to hormone changes, such as monthly menstrual period and pregnancy, in patients with an underlying seizure disorder.