The left half of my eye is bloodshot. No itch. No puss. Hurts only when I look at/ focus on a close by object?

Show it to Dr. Scleral hemorrhages ( in the white of th eye) are benign and will disappear by themselves without treatment in few days. The question is whether or not there is anything else going on like blood in the anterior chamber or if the bleeding is related to other pathology like iritis or iridocyclitis. My suggestion..See a dr.
Which eye? Left half of your left eye? Or left half of right eye, or left halves of both eyes? Could be inflammation from any number of reasons. Or infection. Or a popped tiny blood vessel. Probably benign but have it checked if it doesn't go away in a day or two.
Painful eye. A painful eye can be a serious problem. The most common causes of redness of the eye are pink eye and allergies, but these are not painful. Redness associated with pain can be due to trauma, a foreign body, or inflammatory conditions like scleritis, uveitis, iritis. The pain associated with visual focusing suggests a problem with the iris and ciliary muscle (iritis). Have it checked.