Is it ok to moisturizer it face with almond oil. Or do the at home face masks with fruit and stuff or is that bad?

Not really. I discourage my patients from using oils of any sort for moisturizing; most of the time it just plugs up oil glands and causes acne. Ditto for masks; fruit is for eating. Your local drugstore has shelves full of reasonably-priced commercial moisturizers. Look for one that says "non-comedogenic", meaning it will not (in most cases) cause acne or other oil gland problems.
Maybe. There are many other ingredients in mask so that individual response is not predictable. Sometimes it will cause irriitation in sensitive skin. There are many commercial mistirozers that are safe and tested such as cerave, neutrogena.Is mask for acne or exfoliation? A retinol or tretinoin .025 can peel away dead skin and rejuvenate.