Can migranes be treated with chiropractor?

No. The chiro will say yes - there is nothing they feel they can't treat. There is no evidence that migraines can be affected by spinal manipulation.
Migraines/chiropract. Tensional headaches or headaches associated to neck and upper back pains may improve with chiropractor care or other modalities like physical therapy, acupuncture etc. Migraines might not respond well. Anyway check the opinion of other healthtap drs.
Migraines. Yes, in some cases chiropractic treatment will work. In general, medications are the preferred treatment for most people and work well. In some cases, however, the trigger for the migraine is chronic pressure or irritation of an occipital or other nerve, and in these cases chiropractice treatment can help.
Possibly... Though migraine headaches are unlikely to be relieved with spinal manipulation, other forms of headaches, including tension headaches and even sometimes sinus headaches, can be relieved with manipulation. There is a significant variation in skill level between chiropractors, so ask around to find out who is skilled in your area.