Mom is about to cut half pancrea to avoid a 7cm ball transforming to cancer cells. Might need to cut the spleen if full covers the vein to it. Must?

Call mom's surgeon. Hi, doris. I have to make some assumptions to answer this question: it sounds like your mom has a tumor of the tail of the pancreas that may be malignant, requiring removal for definitive diagnosis. Your mom should have been seen by a GI doctor (trained in endoscopic ultrasound)and a surgeon with extensive experience with pancreatic surgery. Otherwise, i recommend a second opinion.
Probably. Solid tumors of the pancreas at this size should always be removed surgically. Cystic ("fluid-filled") lesions are treated selectively depending on other characteristics. Any symptomatic lesion should be removed. Endoscopic ultrasound and aspiration can be helpful to determine type of cyst. A surgeon with high pancreas surgery volume (>20 cases/yr) should be consulted for the correct management.