Cant see a doc. 3 days ago I had a dry throat now I have a bad cough. Chills. And body aches. My temp. Is 100.1 I am afraid I will get pneumonia.

Fever and Illness. Unfortunately, in most cases a fever represents a significant infection. There is no simple way besides antibiotics to rid ones self of an infection. Having trained in utah I do know there are community health centers and their rates for treatment are done on a sliding scale. If you are feverish still on monday you need to be seen.
Viral illness. You may have a viral illness. Use the steam from a hot shower to steam yourself. Sleep with a vaporizer.. Use salt water nose drops 4 times daily. Sleep with several pillows. Rub vaporub on your chest. Take inuprofen or tylenol (acetaminophen) forfever control and drink lots of fluids. And dont forget the old relable chicken soup.