Can you get a brain aneurysm from blowing you nose to hard?

No, you cannot. Cause an aneurysm to from by blowing your nose. However, straining, for example when having a bowel movement, increases your blood pressure, and could cause a weak walled aneurysm to rupture. The same could theoretically happen when blowing your nose, but that is usually pushing as long or as hard.

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Can being angry and/or yelling cause a brain aneurysm to form? When I get upset it feels like their is pressure in my head.

No correlation. Can anger and yelling be responsible for the formation of brain aneurysms? No. Most aneurysms have a genetic component. Risk factors include : Family history Circulatory disorders, malformations Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) High blood pressure Smoking Head injuries Infections Tumors.

If I have a brain aneurysm would I have high blood pressure? I get my blood pressure check regularly and it's always fine. I get head pressure

Although. High blood pressure may be a factor in the rupture (bleed) of a brain aneurysm...Brain aneurysms are USUALLY congenital malformations of the arteries surrounding (or supplying) the brain! Hope this helps! Dr Z.

Can hitting your head cause brain aneurysm? Mild to severe head trauma with pain resolution after 4 minutes.

No, not possible. No, trauma to the head cannot cause an aneurysm. But I want to make sure we are using the terms in a similar fashion. An aneurysm is an unstable blood vessel, a bleed in the brain is a different process. A hard enough trauma could cause bleeding in the brain or it could (rarely) cause rupture of an existing aneurysm.

Could hitting head 12 years ago result in unruptured, (but could rupture), brain aneurysm? Would I know by now if I have one if so?

Not related. Head trauma does not cause brain aneurysms, as these are congenital berry aneurysms or caused by uncontrolled chronic hypertension (Charcot-Bouchard). Trauma can cause large extra cranial vascular dissections, but these are acute to subacute. Why do you worry about an aneurysm? Would a Concierge visit with evaluation help?

Had a spaced out floaty feeling in my head the past two days. So scared it's a brain aneurysm ready to pop. I have anxiety. Clear scan 4-5 years ago?

Uncertain. Because you have an anxiety disorder, it makes me wonder if this could be disassociation. If medical causes have been adequately rule out, consider discussing this with your psychiatrist or therapist.

Will a head cat scan show a brain aneurysm?

Specialized CTA may. A ct angiogram will more likely be a good screening test. The gold standard is a 4 vessel cerebral angiogram.
Thanks for asking! It has to be very big and partially calcified... Mri and mra are more sensitive for this purposes...
Sometimes. If an aneurysm is large, and especially if there are calcifications in the wall of the vessel, it can be seen on ct. However, angiography with a ct (dye in vessels, looking at the vessels themselves) is better test. Mrangiography is also sometimes useful, certainly better than simple ct done without contrast.

Can I do reiki and/or Indian head on lady with diagnosed brain aneurysm I am a quality, d experienced therapist. Please advise.

Should be safe. Obviously there is no research on this but the main thing that might cause a brain aneurysm to burst is increased blood pressure. Extreme exertion (which could raise BP) is also best avoided. Neither Reiki or Indian head massage should raise blood pressure so I would expect them to be quite safe.
Brain aneurysm. Reiki and head massages are safe exercises for people with brain aneurysms. Not all brain aneurysms are the same in terms of risk for rupture. Some have a very high rate of spontaneous rupture (anterior communicating) and others rarely rupture (cavernous segment). The treatment options are: 1) observation; 2) endovascular coiling/stenting; and 3) surgical clipping. Discuss with a neurosurgeon.