Can I use braces to cover up huge gap on my teeth because of tooth loss? Does brace work on this? Ps: my wisdom teeth not growing yet.

Implant. Braces can slowly shift your teeth and narrow the gap, but may not be ideal if your teeth are alreay straight and evenly spaced. If that is so, an implant or a bridge may work---check with your dentist.
Choices. Spaces can be addressed orthodontic ally or restoratively. Talk to your general dentist and the orthodontist of his choice about all of the alternatives that are available to you.
Depends. Whether or not braces can cover up the gap may depend on the size of the gap, as well as the size, position and shape of the teeth. A team approach with your general dentist and orthodontist would be recommended to find out what options are available for you to achieve the best result.
Maybe. Gaps can be closed with braces. However in some cases all spaces can not be closed . You should see an orthodontist to evaluate your condition. Your wisdom teeth may possibly be impacted and unable to erupt.