Iam 20 years old abdiminal pain that goes in back. Nausea that comes n go bloating pain is n right upper quadrant been using niquil had cough sorethro?

RUQ PAIN. Right upper quadrant pain associated with bloating and nausea with pain that radiates - either to back or l shoulder - sounds like could be gallbladder spasm / pain... Would need thorough md workup/labs and sonogram evaluation to start with to see if that is the cause - go see md now - but if pain gets severe - go to er asap!
?Related or not? The abdominal pain you describe, and nausea, could be part of a viral syndrome along with cough/sore throat. Or it could be due to something else like your gall bladder (and happens to get worse when you cough). Does the abdominal pain get worse when you eat? Are you having fevers? If it keeps getting worse try to eat foods with as little fat as possible, and see your doctor or go to a clinic/ ed.