What is cervical spondylitic myelomalacia / foraminal stenosis and what if any treatment/for it?

Definitions of. Myelomalacia or "bad spinal cord" is abnormal tissue structural change of the cord negatively affecting its function brought on in this case by advanced degeneration of the bones, discs , joints and ligaments leading to a narrowing of the spinal canal compressing the spinal cord and creating these cord changes. Surgery is the only help. Foraminal stenosis is narrowing of the nerve root exit holes.
Neck problems. Cervical spondylosis refers to chronic calcium build-up and remodeling of the bone in the neck from severe degenerative arthritis. Myelomalacia means "softening" of the spinal cord inside affect vertebra due to the chronic pressure from these calcium spurs. Foraminal stenosis means narrowing of the space in between vertebra through which the nerves pass. The treatment is decompressive surgery.
Narrowing. These terms mean a narrowing of the cervical (in the neck) spinal canal and the spinal cord (myelomalacia) as well as narrowing where the nerves exit the spinal cord (foraminal stenosis). Can be due to arthritis, herniated disks, etc. Treatment depends on symptoms and severity, and could include exercise, epidural steroids if pain or surgery if spinal cord or nerves were severely compressed.