How do you get relief from pinched nerve or siatic nerve?

See DO. 1st you need to find out if it is sciatica. Tight/spasmed glutehip muscles, misaligned pelvis can also cause similar symptoms. Dos are dr who have also been trained to diagnose & treat muscular/skeletal problems using techniques to relax muscles, realign bones & in general bring the body back into normal alignment. These techniques are used in addition to regular medical treatments/medications.
See pain specialist. Each person needs to be evaluated on an individual basis. There can be several reasons for "sciatica" or pain down the leg. Lumbar disc inflammation with or without nerve impingment, facet joint irritation, sacroiliac joint irritation, piriformis syndrome. A thorough physical exam and diagnostic studies will help determine what will be best treatment depending on your diagnosis.
Med/physical therapy. Appropriate anti-inflammatory medication and good physical therapy may help quite a bit. In more severe case, you may need steroids/prednisone, or injections etc... You first need to find out why you have sciatica...