Is there a waiting period between changing from enbrel (etanercept) to humira? If so, how long? Then how long before humira begins to work?

One week. I would start Humira one week after your last Enbrel (etanercept) injection. There is no hard and fast rule. I have seen Humira work as quickly as within two weeks and as long as three months. These medications should be given for at least three months before switching. Good luck.
Discuss this issue. With your rheumatologist. Hopefully the links below would help you! http://www.Inspire.Com/groups/talk-psoriasis/discussion/enbrel-to-humira-switch/ http://arthritis.About.Com/od/brms/f/switchtnfdrugs.Htm http://www.Livestrong.Com/article/388161-herbs-arthritis/.
No. No waiting period needed humors should yield reasonable benefit within 4-6 weeks. I personally have not seen that going with one tnf agent to another produces better results.