I just went to my 3 day post op liposuction checkup. The nurse recommended that I get lymphatic massages. Are these massages required?

Not but helpful. I have found that manual lymphatic drainage is not absolutely necessary but it can be very helpful in reducing swelling. Of course you may have to pay additional fees for this additional service and that is at your discretion.
No. Massages are not necessary after liposuction, but they may improve healing time and swelling.
Self massage safer. Massages help but manipulating areas in the early postop period may increase the inflammation if done too aggressively. Gentle self massage from distal to proximal in limbs and from the center outwards on the trunk can help.
Lymphatic system. Most patients experience swelling and liquid retention after liposuction. These superficial massages promote the lymphatic system to drain the excess toxins and accumulation of fluids. It's important to select a qualified therapist to avoid the collection of fluid called seroma caused by post surgery trauma.
No. No, lymphatic massage is not “mandatory”; I do suggest some type of massage (usually self) of treated areas to my patients who have undergone liposuction surgery. Doing so may help smoothen out minor irregularities present. Best wishes.