Exam showed normal blood work, but ua = high protein (18.0 mg/dl) high microalbumin/creatinine (36.76 mg/gcrea) and high microalbumin (5.0 mg/dl)?

Urine protein. Are you diabetic or have history of kidney ds? Your doc may want to do 24-hour urine collection to determine total protein/24 hours as well as other tests of kidney function (creatinine clearance). Doc may advise no soda pop & examine your list of meds for possible causes.
Proteinuria. You need to have a 24 hour urine collection to see the amount of protein (P) in the urine and to assess your kidney function. I would also do a renal ultrasound to assess the size of the kidneys. Depending on the amount of P, I would send off blood for aso, anca 2, complement c3 and c4, hiv, hepatitis b antibodies, hb a1c and ana. A renal biopsy may be needed, if the P is > than 1 gram/day.