Can the gastric sleeve be performed during the laproscopic surgery for the hiatal hernia?

Yes. In fact if a patient has a hiatal hernia they should be done simultaneously. There is no reason to have two operations in this case.
Yes. These procedures are frequently performed under the same anesthetic. Many patients who require surgery for obesity have hiatal hernias. It is safe to have a sleeve gastrectomy and hiatal hernia surgery at the same time.
Yes usually. The hiatal hernia (opening in diaphragm that allows for acid reflux) is usually repaired at same time as gastric sleeve. There is another type of hernia repair called a nissen that involves a wrapping o the stomach. This type of repair cannot be done with the sleeve.
Yes. Typically hiatal hernias can and should be fixed at the time of your bariatric procedure. If the hernia is large, it may take an extended period of time and may require the insertion of a biological mesh to close the defect. Smaller hernias may require a few extra minutes to repair. The size and extent of your hernia should be assessed prior to surgery with an egd or ugi.

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I had a hiatal hernia that was repaired laparoscopically in oct. 2009. For the first 2 years after the surgery, I felt great. Now for about 9 months, I have noticed pain in my chest area on both sides. At first I was checked for heart trouble, but thankfu

U Need Upper GI. By the sound of your symptoms, it's possible that the hiatal hernia has returned. I advise you to return to your surgeon. They will order an upper GI to look more carefully at your "wrap" and see where your stomach is in relation to your diaphragm. I hope it's a false alarm but, worst case scenario, it's fixable. Good luck.
Upper GI. Sound like you should call your surgeon for a follow up visit. You will probably need an upper GI contrast study to investigate.

Have you ever heard of having something close to gastric bypass surgery for a hiatal hernia and acid reflex?

Yes. B"sd some recollection yes - case reports from the literature: Treatment of giant hiatal hernia by laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass - 2015 2 case reports. A review from 2012 described combined gastric bypass and HH repair in 48 patients - http://www. Sages. Org/wp-content/uploads/posters/2012/39402.jpg glad to discuss further.

If I don't want a open surgery, and not a laparoscopy when I have an umbilical hernia, do I have any other options that have short recovery?

Laparoscopic. Is likely the least invasion and with the quickest healing time. The other choice is just to leave it, unless it is causing pain. All the best.

Is it true when repairing a inscional hernia unlike most surgeries laproscopic surgery is a bigger surgery then a open one?

Varies. Tv really does vary. It is not so much the "size" of the surgery that is important for long term good results in an incisional hernia repair as it is to have a good, strong repair that will make it less likely to recur. Discuss your specific case with your surgeon.